Multi-level Cat Tower with Sisal Covered Scratching Posts-Blue


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Satisfy cats’ hunting instincts and increase their happiness with this tall cat tower! This tall cat tower features an outstanding appearance, which combines rich marine decorative elements to elevate your room style. The large base and platforms are designed to mimic the wave. Equipped with 2 plush perches, spacious basket bed, cozy condo and deep hammock, the multi-level cat tower provides abundant rest space for you kittens, which is a perfect choice for multi-cat households. Meanwhile, the cat tree is a multi-level cat activity center for your felines. There are 3 jump platforms to release cats’ energy. Besides, 3 teasing stick toys and 3 fish-shaped dangling balls will entertain your cats for hours. Moreover, the strong sisal scratching posts is suitable for cats to grind claws, thus preventing them to damage your furniture. And your cat will also not become obese due to lack of exercise. The teddy fleece wrapped cat tree will provide cozy experience for your lovely cats. And the cat tree comes with an enlarged base, making it a stable and safe choice for cats. All-in-one Cats Playground: Equipped with 2 perches, a basket bed, a cozy condo, and a deep hammock, the multi-level cat tower provides abundant rest space for multiple kittens. And the 3 jump platforms allow your cats to indulge in their natural instinct to jump and explore. Chic Ocean-themed Appearance: The large base and platforms of this cat tower present wave appearance to add visual appeal. Besides, by seamlessly integrating marine elements, such as seaweed and fish decorations, the large cat tower will transform your room into an ocean park. Release Instincts and Offer Fun: Featuring scratching posts that are made of natural sisal rope, cats will have an ideal spot to grind their claws. Besides, there are 3 interactive stick toys and 3 fish-shaped ball toys to further stimulate your cats’ curiosity and playfulness. Unmatched Comfort for Cats: The teddy fleece-wrapped surfaces of this cat tower offer an unparalleled coziness and warmth that your cats will adore. And the 4″ thick plush perches offer a haven where your cats can curl up and enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience. Stable and Space-saving Design: The multi-level cat tower comes with an enlarged base, ensuring optimal stability and preventing any wobbling or tipping. Besides, the all-in-one vertical design is space-saving, making it an economical choice for small corners.

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Colour: Blue Material: Sisal, Teddy Fleece, Engineered Wood Product Dimension:59 cm x 49 cm x 165 cm (L x W x H) Scratching Post Diameter:7 cm Top Perch Size:38 x 38 x 9 cm (L x W x H) Net Weight:17.5 kg Each Tier Maximum Weight:15 kg

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